A downloadable game

CONSPY_R, a new world of security, surveillence, lies
and deceit. A world where the latest tech means crime is at an all time 
low. Or so we’re lead to believe. The low-lives have been coming up in 
the world, banding together and finding new ways of hiding from the 
authorities. Murders go unsolved and crooks go unpunished, and a lazy 
police force stands aside, turning a blind eye to their wrongdoings. 
As a group of young adults who’ve felt the cruel injustices of this world, 
you refuse to let anyone else feel the pain and misfortune you’ve been 
through. There’s crime to be solved and crooks to be caught, 
and if the police aren’t up to the job, who better than you?

An RPG I made by myself. Currently unfinished


RPG GM Handbook.pdf 1 MB
RPG Player Handbook.pdf 1 MB